Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lights, Camera, Internship!!!

Here's an inside look at where I get to go to work everyday! :)

My new home: U-C-L-A!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I went Dirty Dancing...well sort of!

<-----My Future Star! :)

This past Sunday the fellow "Dreamers" and I, as part of our program, went and saw "Dirty Dancing: The Musical" at a theatre off of Hollywood Blvd.!

It was so surreal being down that street and looking at all of the celebrities stars underneath my feet! :)

The show itself was AMAZING and followed the movie spot-on! 

Chelsea OMG Lately!

Last week Thursday, I was fortunate enough to go check out the fabulous comedians of the E network show, Chelsea Lately!

It was at the Nokia theatre downtown LA, right next to the infamous Staples Center! As you guessed it, the place was still full of Lakers fever!

The coolest part about the night was that the whole show was being filmed to be shown later on the E network. I am sure you will hear some of my laughter on TV!

The comedians were hilarious...but don't just take MY word for it! See below for some videos from the night! 


Goodbye to the Man in the Mirror!

As many of you have already heard, we lost the King of Pop last week.

On the day that it happened, I was at my internship at 20th Century Fox. The whole office practically shut down when we heard the news! The rumor mill went crazy and we all had our TV's on and EVERY news page ever created up on our computer screens! 

Ironically enough, he was staying only about 3 miles or so from where I am living now, so he was transported to the UCLA Medical Center. Give or take a few, but that hospital is only around 1/2 mile away from me! 

When I got home from work that day, I had to go take part in some of the action. I took our University of Dreams shuttle down there and took pictures of all of the madness! I had never seen SO many news vans in my life! Even E News was there! Hundreds of people had already gathered to mourn the infamous moonwalker :(

Here are some pics from those days that followed :( :( :(

My prayers go out to his family!

Transformers Premiere Details!

Wow, what a whirlwind of a week I get to catch you guys up on!

First stop, more details on last Monday's crazy Transformers premiere! It had always been my dream to finally get close to the red carpet, like you see in the magazines, and get to snap pictures and possibly talk with some of your favorite stars. 

After our orientation, I grabbed a bunch of my new girlfriends and headed down to Westwood, our local downtown area, to go see what we could do about getting on that red carpet. We arrived there around 2pm and there were already a ton of people there. Because this was the Transformer's premiere, a HUGE version of the one and only, Optimus Prime was right smack in the middle of the red carpet. Most of the "adoring fans" were lining up on the side closest to all of the shops...this was obviously where all of the celebs would get interviewed with all of the cameras and such being put up.

However, I decided to snoop around a little and found out that the BEST place to wait and get a good view is over by the Starbucks next to the ENTRANCE of the theatre. I grabbed my friends and ran over there ASAP! 

Thank God their was a Starbucks nearby, because this was our spot for the next few hours! We waited and waited until the security guards decided it was time to start putting up the baracades. We kept stepping back just as much as we needed to make sure we got a good spot behind the fences. 

Sadly enough, we got switched around and pushed off into this little corner by the street where we'd be lucky if we got even anyone from the "Z-list" of Hollywood to come see us!

Now, my mom taught me well how to "smooze" as you might say, so I decided to use my talents! I started "encourging" the security guards and letting them know how long we've been waiting here and how unfair we felt it was to be pushed back all of this way. After I offered the main guard a back massage, he finally asked, "How many in your party?" 

I knew that could only be a good sign! A bunch of numbers went through my mind as I finally just blurted out 6! He told us to go to the back of the fence (which required us to plow through over 50 really jealous fans), and he then escorted us to a baracade RIGHT next to the entrance of the theatre where we were up front and center!

Ah, this was the moment I'd been waiting for! While there, my friends and I got to meet and see several celebs such as Jon Voight, Bridget from the Girls Next Door, Shawn Johnson, Travis from Blink 182, MARK from Blink 182 (he came over and talked to us and even gave me a huge high five!!!), Kim Karadashian, Vanessa Milliano and the stars of the film, Shia, Megan and Josh!

It was all such a whirlwind and was going by so fast that I didn't realize the time. It was about 6:45pm, and the movie was about to start! Suddenly, my friend Lisa, who was taking pictures of the celebs getting out of their cars at the other end of the baracade, came up to me and held FOUR movie passes in front of her face!

I couldn't believe my eyes! Say what?!?! One of the security guards gave her FOUR MOVIE PASSES so that we could get in and watch the movie WITH the stars! 

My stomach started doing tons of jumping jacks as I actually got to walk on like 10 feet of red carpet, haha, and go inside to the premiere! 

While waiting for pop corn, which was FREE, I stood behind Derek from Sum 41. I chatted with him for a bit and even got to talk about Avril :)

And then, while going to find my seat in the theatre, I ran into none other than MICHAEL FLIPPIN' BAY! Aka one of the best directors on the planet!

I finally grabbed my seat and couldn't believe I was actually inside! I was breathing the same air as Shia LeBeouf! haha Before the movie started, a guy from Paramount got up and introduced Michael Bay where he talked about the movie and gave us a "mini" Oscar type speech. It was so cool hearing about the vision for the movie and the behind  the scenes stuff from the actual director!

With one curtain being drawn up, it was finally time for the movie! Not only was the movie one the best action movies I've ever seen (Awesome effects!!!), but it was so cool just to be there with everyone who made it possible! Everytime one of the actors came on screen, the audience would hoot and holler, me included!

After the premiere, I caught up with my friends, in which I found out that two of them sat RIGHT by Shia and Megan, and we reflected on that night! After coming out, we could see all of the set-up for the after-party being hosted by Linkin' Park.

By that time of night, we were exhausted and decided to go back home and relive our night through pictures! It was such a blast and I hope the first of MANY premieres I get to go to in the future! 

Someday even, it will be MY premiere, Lord willing! :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pictures are worth a thousand words!

My first trip to the RED CARPET!!! I got inside the Transformer's 2 premiere :)

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